Transalis Secure™ is a comprehensive set of solutions which secures transactions for all parties, for storage, data provenance, message non-repudiation and keeping a watchful eye on your company’s air space. It’s the only proven solution to fully protect an organisation’s WiFi and Bluetooth air space. Wireless devices are the most vulnerable parts and this is a real risk when they are connected to an organisation’s network. These devices can easily be compromised and turned into a perfect gateway to a secure network. In most cases, these devices aren’t perceived as ‘dangerous’, because the user doesn’t see their physical infrastructure, can’t see their transmissions, they are the epitome of ‘user friendly’. They were brought in to do good with the total misconception and assumption that they were ‘safe’. Areas of concerns include unprotected storage, hardcoded backdoors, unencrypted communication, vulnerable web/mobile/cloud interfaces, insecure pairing procedures and missing security patches.

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